At Acadia Windows and Doors we don’t just offer our customers fantastic prices and a high quality service on the installation of windows, doors and conservatories; we also offer a comprehensive repairs package for a fraction of the cost to replace the broken item with a brand new product.

We all know that when something goes wrong with your windows or doors replacing the whole lot is just not economical and we can repair or replace loose handles, broken hinges, broken or chipped glass, double glazed units suffering from the effects of condensation, drafty or leaking door seals; in fact practically any part of a window or door which is replaceable. Our expert engineers can provide you with a complete repair package from identifying the problem part to installation and aftercare.

Do you have a window that is locked shut and just will not open not matter what you try? We have the tools necessary to persuade stubborn locks to open. Or perhaps your front or back door just won’t lock properly; call us today because help is at hand.

Perhaps it’s a leaking conservatory roof or tired looking conservatory roof panels that are an issue in your home; whatever the problem contact us today for a no obligation repair quotation.

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